My Services

As a developer with extensive experience, I can help you out with a wide range of projects and it would be impractical to list them all.

Instead, here you will find a couple of services I am particularly well-suited for. If your project does not quite fit into one of these, I still encourage you to reach out; even if it's not meant to be I will likely be able to offer you some advice and useful information.

The following is included in all my work:

  • A zero-cost initial discussion to determine whether we are a good fit
  • Satisfaction guarantee, or your money back
  • Free bug fixes of issues found even after the project concludes

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Build Complete Applications

If you are looking to produce any sort of complete application, I can help you out with the full process.

For prototypes, internal business tools, and customer-facing applications alike I will help you through the whole life-cycle of the project:

  • Requirements analysis
  • UI wireframes
  • Implementation
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

Custom Business Systems

If you're currently running your business using spreadsheets, you should consider adopting an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.

While there are plenty of great general-purpose options, you might be better off with a tailor-made solution, and I can help you with that.

Here is one example project of mine that had a big positive impact on the customer's revenue, as well as on business processes efficiency and workflow:

ERP System for an Industrial Company

Design, Develop, or Advice on API Projects

APIs are often the hand-off point between teams. A thought-through API development process is key to reducing friction and maintaining productivity as a project grows.

With several years of experience with API design and development under my belt, I can help you succeed with yours.

Team Augmentation

I currently have availability to work with existing teams on either a part-time or project basis.

Some examples of what I can offer are:

  • Team leadership for a junior/intermediate team
  • Consultation on system architecture
  • Assistance with development, testing, refactoring

See my About page for more information about my proficiences.